Brookings Harbor
 Community Theater
The Sparrow

A story of magic, healing and acceptance

The show tells the story with dance and music of Emily Book, a small town girl returning home ten years after a tragic accident claimed the lives of her entire class. As the town struggles to accept the strange girl who reminds them of what they lost, Emily attempts to hide special powers that make her different.

This is an especially unique production for Brookings with intricate special effects, dance and music. Dance and active scenes are choreographed by local dancer Dylan Panter, and by special guest Renee Hewitt. Renee directed Les Miserables at the Camelot theater in Talent. She's done significant work in San Francisco, and has performed as a voice-over artist for video games as well. We are honored to have her expertise with our show.

Emily Book   
Mariah Wise
Jenny McGrath   
Madi Connolly
Dan Christopher   
Dylan Panter
Joyce McGuckin   
Colleen Harrison
Charlie McGuckin   
Kyla MacLauchlin
Albert McGuckin, Driver, Announcer
John Brooks
Coach Adams   
Patrick Dodgen
Jonathan Simpson   
Joshua Peterson
Brad Gomer   
Jacob Racho-Luis
Stuart Edgerton   
Everett Van Maren
Skye Thompson   
Wyatt Scott
Evie Sullivan   
Camarea Freeman
Carol Scholl   
Sierra Rose
Phoebe Marks   
Courtney Gage
Michelle Allen   
Charis Abblitt
Shannon Baker   
Kendra Kauffman
Principal Skor   
Joe Willett
Sheriff Rosenthal, Mark Gilbert
Randy Rose
Elizabeth Gilbert   
Trasee Rose
Allison McGrath   
Tracy Gage
Tammy Adams   
Stephanie Birks
Susie LeValley
Young Emily   
Carly Gage

Evan Wise

Dylan Panter​

Renee Hewitt
Dylan Panter

Chris Burton


Alia Graves

Bobbi Vineyard

Kelsie Stumpenhaus

Hailey Failor

Carly Gage

Stephanie Birks



Trasee Rose



Shawna Lynn


Courtney Gage

​Josiah Wise​