Brookings Harbor
 Community Theater

Our Mission

As a non-profit 501(c3) organization, the mission of the Brookings Harbor Community Theater is to  "inspire, educate, and entertain children and families through the experience of quality theater both on and off stage." 

We provide children, families, and adults a safe and creative environment, where all are encouraged to explore theatrical character development, along with personal growth and appreciation for the cultural arts. 

The objective of rehearsing and presenting a BHCT theater production is to provide children with opportunities to build essential life skills, friendships, and great memories, alongside their parents, siblings, and the many members of our theater community.

Brookings Harbor Community Theater is a collaborative effort involving many people with a variety of talents. We find that families who benefit most from all that BHCT has to offer are those who see volunteering at the theater as quality time spent together in a fun, imaginative and mutually rewarding environment.  

Active Family Theater

One highlight of our company is what we call "Active Family Theater."  This plan was created for those who would love to participate in theater but work or attend school full time.

Rehearsals are held two nights a week and one day on the weekend. Adults and students can enjoy a theatrical experience while keeping up their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Families benefit from a modified rehearsal schedule so the actors are not away from home every night. 

Many of our shows are designed to share the stage, and with our rehearsal system we are able to produce more shows for more age groups, thus providing more opportunities to be involved.

                                                                  ~Dori Randall

A Special Note from the Board

Dori envisioned a positive, safe, and educational theater where actors of all ages could blossom and thrive as they learn the 'art of theater.' The board of BHCT strives to keep the theater strong, and continue to model it after Dori's vision.

We encourage you to look for opportunities to be involved at the Harbor Performing Arts Center as we all work to keep Dori's dream flourishing.

"Just keep swimming." 

                                  ~ Dori