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A New Home for BHCT!

After more than a year of performing wherever we could find the space, the Brookings Harbor Community Theater has found a new home in the bright yellow building that formerly housed John’s Produce in Harbor. The address is 15542 U.S. 101.

We are so happy to have found a place that we can transform into the community theater we’ve always wanted. This is a new, exciting step for BHCT, and we want everyone to be involved from the very beginning. We want our community to see what it looks like now and catch our vision for what it will become.

There’s a lot of work to be done to create our dream theater. Three restrooms need to be built. A proper stage needs to be built, as do sound-proofed risers. The electrical system needs to be brought up to code, an elevated booth for sound and lights needs to be built and eventually, heating and air conditioning should be installed.

Support Live Community Theater with BHCT

Sign up at to become a BHCT Patron! BHCT has a new home and needs your help to realize our dream theater! As a Patron of BHCT you will see the magic of community theater come to life on stage.

Our new website is currently under construction. Check back soon for the latest Brookings Harbor Community Theater news!